Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wintertime wahoo

We've been fishing before.  Both of us have a lot of experience fly fishing for trout, for example.  Or dangling worms under bobbers and catching little sunfish.  We've even caught a few ocean fish here and there.

But lately we've come to realize that fishing the waters down here can turn into a whole nuther thing entirely.   We're gearing up ourselves to get part of the action, but in the meantime I thought I'd show you a photo of what I'm talking about.

This a a Wahoo.  In Hawaii I think they call them Ona.  It's a real fast fish, with a mouthful of teeth you could use to saw wood with.  They're  dangerous, in fact. Could take off all your fingers and not even ask for horseradish sauce or mustard.  Just like that.

The lady on the right is Trish. She's 25. She's one of the charter captains for "Catch The Wave". She's been fishing since she was a baby, and runs a World Cat catamaran seven days a week. And when it gets down into the low 70's here, the locals get COLD. I have seen people wearing leather jackets in the 'winter'. No fooling. You should see the guys who work in the freezers at the supermarket. They dress up like its an arctic expedition. I walked into one of the local store's walk-in freezer barefooted one day, to grab some frozen OJ, and they were amazed. The thermometer in there said it was 25 deg. F. I told them I had lived in many places where the outside temperature at noon didn't even get up to that, but that i still would run out to pick up the newspaper, start the car, etc. barefooted in the snow. They thought I was pulling their leg. I think the low this past winter was 63 one night. Last year it was 64. But those frigid cold snaps don't last long. Forecast for today, High of 84. Low of 80.

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