Saturday, June 30, 2007

Loose photos

Many of these early blog posts are just basically copying what we'd posted on the boating forum with a little bit of explanation. Still, people would see the images and send questions.   This just encouraged us to keep going.

These next two photos are from a spot where I keep trying to trap pilchards. Pilchards are actually  the local name for what we know as sardines, and they are great bait. They funnel through this little channel by the zillions, and there is an undercut at the base of the rock underwater. Casting a net here is usually somewhat of a disaster.

I've been trying to learn to throw a cast net here.   The rocks make it a difficult area.  The net keeps getting caught on the rocks, and the fish laugh at me. In great numbers.


Here's another image from the same area.  This place is called "The Aquarium" on Pine Cay.  There are usually quite a few different types of fish here.

And this is just a nice sunset photo on the way home after another day. This is very near where our house is going in.

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