Saturday, March 29, 2008


We are still here. We have been unpacking, and repacking, and repairing things we once thought we couldn't live without. Until we lived almost three years without them. That's the problem with 'stuff', you have to have a place to put it. It has to be dusted, or folded, or washed, or vaccumed, or sanded and varnished. It has to have a place. It demands attention. Does it look better here? Would it look better there? Could it have looked best still in storage, out of sight out of mind? It really is amazing how much stuff one accumulates, and drags around with them.

We continue to throw things away. I braved the Dump, er, I mean Landfill again this week. People I don't know and who do not work there helped remove things from the Land Rover. It's a good thing they were things I wanted to chuck anyhow. They took old leather belts, worn out shoes, and t-shirts with holes in them. Which they promptly headed off into the bushes with.

La Gringa has been chasing down DSL dropout issues for over two weeks. She finally got someone out to look at it. Its getting better. Today the phone company shut off the phone line they finally installed two weeks ago. They don't mail out phone bills here. It's up to the customer to remember its time to go see how much they owe, in person, and stand in line to pay it. We were not expecting to have much of a bill after only two weeks of an intermittent phone/internet connection, especially one that had been reported as faulty something on the order of a dozen times.

I have not been taking that many photos this week, just the usual sunrises and sunsets. I did manage to get a few, and I will take some new ones tomorrow. I got a new table saw, and have built sixteen feet of workbench so far. It's coming together. So slowly.

I will try to get a better post on here tomorrow, for those who still follow our misadventures.


Anonymous said...

Do you have most basic services working yet -- hot water, air conditioning etc? Are the contractors good about coming back to fix stuff that was done wrong?

Hope you are able to enjoy the house, not just get frazzled by repair and undone issues.

I am looking forward to seeing photos of the house as it comes together.

Malicious Intent said...

Wow, so much work. I always hated moving and the following purge of things and asking myself "Why did I even pack this thing??"

It will fall into place eventually, you should know by now there is fast, the there is island fast, which is about 3 clicks slower and backwards.

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Anonymous said...

Well, all of the services work. Sort of. Electricity is running through three logging cables running from the house to the street. The phone/internet drops out sporadically. That's pretty frustrating. We do not have television yet. We don't have air conditioning, and all indications so far are that we won't need it. We do have a split unit planned for just one room, La Gringa's office and that's mostly for climate control (stable humidity, air filter) rather than cooling.

The subs do come back, from time to time. Mostly these days a couple of the builder's guys spend six days a week puttering around taking on one small job after another. There are several not-so-small jobs yet to do. I am probably going to have to do some of them myself, actually. I still have some stuff to install.

Oh, and we just got nominated for a blog award! Cool! Someone must REALLY like tropical sunset photos.
Or dogs.

In any case, thank you.

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