Monday, February 25, 2008

Waiting for Internet

La Gringa here to give you a quick update.

We have moved into the house although we're still somewhat under construction. We are still waiting to get the phone (and therefore, the DSL) hooked up. We have lots of photos of the move, of the house and a Wahoo tournament that Gringo and Gringo Jr. participated in. They won the Dolphin category!

Please stay tuned - we have so much to tell you!


heinz said...

so glad that you are in the house and am looking forward to the photos and seeing the driveway

Lizabeth said...

Hope they huryy up....can't wait to see the photo's !

Unknown said...

Great news! Was a big ole'
bull or cow?
keep the pic's coming!

My2Cents said...

Time for a "house warming". Why not invite all those who read your blog? We could have a "virtual" warming. Congratulations on moving in.

My2Cents said...

Congratulations on the move in.