Friday, January 11, 2008

Turtle Cove Boats

Last night La Gringa and I went to the SharkBite restaurant on Turtle Cove. We noticed that it is starting to fill up for the season, after being essentially empty for most of the summer and fall. We stopped by today to snap a few boat photos, knowing many of the people reading this are interested in boats.

As you can tell from the light, we are in mid-winter here. Thank goodness the days are getting longer again. This winter weather is tough...

Cetacea, out of Aspen. That must have been an interesting trip...

This is the outside deck area of Sharkbite, a restaurant we go to from time to time.

I flung my lobster tail scraps over the railing, and its fun to watch the fish go into a feeding frenzy. And we have seen large sharks swimming by that deck every single night we have been there.

This is looking across the marina. There are some very nice private homes and slips over on that side.

A nice Azimut 68, named Barracuda

Here's a shot of the stern:

"Praha" is Prague, in Czech, in case you were wondering. And I bet that trip was almost as interesting as the one from Aspen.

I also wonder if the owner of this boat is involved in the resort planned for Salt Cay. We had heard that the developers are Eastern European.

This one is named Cowboy and I actually think it must stay here. For the past couple of years it had a slip right next to Sharkbite.

Nice tower. I didn't get the name of this one.

But it's sure a nice boat. Looks like they take their fishing seriously as well:

We've seen this boat here a lot, from the BVI. But of course thats only about 600 miles from here. A sister country to our south.

The lineup looking down at the Tiki Hut end of the marina:

This would be a little more our style, for the type of boating we do down here:

Reckon 500 horsepower is enough?

Its not all power boats here, although its a bit early in the year for the cruising sailboats. There are some here, and some of them need a little work to get ready to sail:

There are usually at least three or four 40ft.+ catamarans down across from Sharkbite. I know one of them from Texas is in the yard getting bottom painted. We met the owner. Nice guy from Dallas.

And some hulls need a little more work than others. Take this one, for example. This is an older model with it's own pecularities and character...She's basically a good sound ride, got a good bottom on her. She's fast when she needs to be, and forgiving when it's called for.. she has been known to pitch from time to time...but don't they all? Just needs some TLC, understanding, and a little paint...

She's got some entanglements that will need sorting out...some loose rigging, but that can all be adjusted with some effort..'s a better angle:

Okay, well, I still have enough photos for another post, and some of them are of even bigger boats. But I need to go pick up the Friday night pizza, so will post this now and the rest of the Turtle Cove boat photos later on...


Anonymous said...

2 Gringos,
I finally enjoyed every beautiful word and picture in your blog since the beginning. I think you should write that book. I can tell you must have had a great English teacher in high school. You definitely learned to "seize the day". You deserve the happiness you have found!

MrPat said...

Hi Gringos:

I'm following your adventure via your Blog instead of the forum. I can't keep up with all the forums I was on, so Ive cut back.

Anyway, Looks like Turtle Cove is rocking compared to the fall season. Keep up the fine work. I'm enjoying living the island life through your Blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, "T". Or do I have to call you "Ms.T"? I was hoping to put this together as an extra-credit project to make up for all those Fridays I missed class when the surf was up in Galveston or Freeport and during weekends of deer season. I did start a novel, by the way. Maybe I will get back to it once we move in and life gets predicable again. If it ever does.

And MrPat, thanks for reading. I was in the same "boat" on the forums. Amazing how many hours there actually are to be salvaged away from the computer.

Anonymous said...

this may be a silly question...but on "Crazy Dave's" boat...their is another boat on the deck....looks like it's fiberglass with a motor on does he get this boat off ???

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a deck mounted crane on the port side. Would have to be quite a machine to lift the glass boat though!

Anonymous said...

That's not on "Crazy Dave's", it's a different boat. But I see what you mean, and to be honest I don't have a clue how they launch and retrieve that boat off the bow.

I am gonna swing by there again and take a closer look. I'll take a camera.