Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something for Her

Gringo has graciously allowed me to share a recent experience I had at the Thalasso Spa at Point Grace. So, this is La Gringa posting for the women...

But before all of you guys tune out and move on - let me assure you that a woman could spend as much time being pampered in this unique and beautiful place as it would take for you to have a very fine afternoon of offshore or bonefishing. Or maybe you'd both like to stop in for a massage after a "tough" day in the tropics! Either way it is definitely a treat - bookmark and send this one to your sweethearts!

I'd received a gift certificate for the spa and was quite excited to have a deep tissue massage for my back as well as another nicety or two. (After all, being compared to a bat or a sloth is not exactly the "look" I was going for!)

The entrance to the spa is an unassuming wooden structure. I couldn't even find a sign that said "Thalasso Spa" and wasn't sure I was in the right place...

Once inside, I was immediately struck by the whitewashed walls and wooden floors. Everywhere we go the structures are concrete - this was like a step back in time to an older Caribbean-style cottage.

Beyond the main "shack" is a small courtyard and two more smaller outbuildings:

I was greeted by Myrna and she led me to one of the little cottages overlooking the ocean:

They only service one appointment at a time. If you come with a friend or spouse, you can share the appointment and the two cottages. If you come alone, you have the spa to yourself.

You are set back far enough from the beach that when the doors are left open you still have complete privacy. It was a rare treat to listen to the ocean and feel the warm tropical breezes while the kinks and knots were worked out of my back, shoulders and neck. Myrna was wonderful and considerate of my injury and how that affected other parts of my body. I'm not a 100% yet, but I'm feeling quite a bit better.

Later she set me up in that chair to the left where I could gaze out on the picturesque ocean, watch the boats and the pelicans while I had a pedicure. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful day. I'd brought a book to read but after the massage I was quite content to enjoy the quiet and natural beauty of this place.

The rest of the details are between Myrna and me. :-)

The Thalasso Spa was truly magical and not too outrageously expensive. Cheaper than an afternoon of fishing, guys!


Anonymous said...

I just showed my wife this. She's a beauty therapist and it's fair to say she is drooling, I've had to hide the credit car lest airline tickets to TCI apear on the next statement.

Malicious Intent said...

I think I am having a fantasy. Under no circumstances should anyone wake me up!

Malicious Intent said...

I left you an award on my site. Go pick it up. ;)