Sunday, November 4, 2007

Old chairs, new slip.

Yesterday the weather finally cleared out and we took the boat over to Pine Cay. La Gringa had bought four of these old wooden chairs, and we went to pick them up. It was an excuse to get on the ocean which was good enough for me.

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This past summer the Meridian Club on Pine Cay underwent another round of renovations to the hotel. These chairs were in some rooms, and when La Gringa heard they were for sale, she grabbed four of them. I don't $ 25 apiece a good price for old chairs? We waited for the seas to calm down enough to go get them. For the past week if we had tried to transport them in the boat the straw seats and wood would have been soaked in sea water. Probably not good, all things considered. We got them loaded on the boat no problem:

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Kinda looks like we hired a Haitian carpenter to build us a rear bench seat for , doesn't it? La Gringa rode back to Provo sitting on one of the chairs,she said it was a nice ride.

We were told that these chairs had been on the island since Liam McGuire was there. He started all this. That was back in the 60's and 70's. So, while they are not all that old, around here something surviving 40 years pretty much qualifies it as an antique by local standards. We'll have to find a place for these in the new house. Maybe I could use them for saw horses, or to hold greasy truck parts while I work on them..Should be easier than finding places for those frames from the old bar at Gilley's.

We decided to put the boat in our new slip at Sherlock's for the weekend. We will have to move it back to the boatyard by early Tuesday, if they are still on schedule to cut into it and try to find and fix the gas tank leak.

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After 11 months of having to run 15 miles each way to get out to Pine Cay, it's going to be nice to have choices as to which route to take depending on the wind and waves. It's also going to be nice to only have to run 7.5 miles to get there. This slip is another $ 100/month more than our slip at the boatyard, but three trips to the Pine Cay area a month will make up the difference in gasoline costs alone. Not to mention hours on the outboard, and the wear and tear of getting down that horrible road to the boatyard. It's a good thing.

Plus we get to hang out more with our friends.

The boat fits okay. Dwayne said he could get us another cleat to put in the middle of the dock spur, which will be just about perfect. We think we are going to like it here. Even knowing it's all going to be under construction for the next year, putting in tackle shops, parking lot, restaurant.. Maybe Sherlock should name it the "Leeward Phoenix" marina.

After we left the boat snugged up we took a trip out to check on the house. Not a lot going on these days. Maybe its just our impatience to get moved into our own home and get started on all the projects we have facing us, or maybe it's just really slowed down. We were pretty glad we made the Pine Cay trip in the boat early, because the storms were right behind us. If we had been an hour later leaving Pine Cay, we would have been right in the middle of that. With La Gringa's chairs, in an open boat. Whew.

I took some photos of the house, but basically the progress is hard to see. It's small things like plaster work around some doors. All the sliding glass and louvered windows are in. There's been work on the outside shower. Stuff like that. Everything is waiting, waiting, waiting, for the guys to finish the tin roof and make the inside weathertight. The subcontractor is a month behind so far, in finishing this. We're not real happy about it. But its really the first gripe we have had since day one, so that's still not bad.

So rather than post up a bunch of photos, I just combined five of them into a single panoramic view:

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Want a "Where's Waldo" puzzle? La Gringa and I are both in that photo...

We also had to drive back to Krazy Bargains, one more time, still trying to get all the right parts to put a simple bedframe together. This is the third trip. La Gringa is starting to get a little short-tempered with a certain Pakistani gentleman...

So, that was our Saturday, Nov. 3rd. Thinking about going fishing's about time for the Wahoo to show up, and we haven't caught a decent fish in weeks.

We are still looking for a name for the house. How does "Kestrel" sound?


La Gringa said...

"We'll have to find a place for these in the new house. Maybe I could use them for saw horses, or to hold greasy truck parts while I work on them"

And I'm sure you wouldn't mind my telling the boys that they may have carte blanche to your tools! heh, heh, heh...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't worry me. The tools will be in my workshop. And kids that can't be trusted with tools are not allowed in my workshop. Ever.

If they can't remove, clean, gap, replace and torque a sparkplug without asking a single question...nope. Go play with the computer game.