Sunday, October 28, 2007

Waiting out Noel

The weather has continued to get worse since that last post. Two days ago the dawn here looked pretty typical:

Then I looked the other direction, toward the West. I hope this comes out in the posted photo, but there were these bands forming, and the early morning sun was illuminating them:

So we started watching the weather sites. You have seen what the tide was doing when we drove down to Five Cays yesterday. Well, its gotten progressively worse since then. This place does NOT look like those photos today. Its ugly out there. Wind and rain and trees whipping all around. I expect to see a witch on a bicycle come blowing by and scaring the dog any minute now. He's already half catatonic with all the thunder, lightning, wind and rain squalls.

A tropical wave became tropical depression 16 became Tropical Storm Noel over the past 24 hours. And it's just south of us. We are in alternating bands of intense wind and rains. Or in scientific terms...its REAL snotty out.

So, we have spent the day mostly hunkered down watching the horizontal rain and wind gusting up over 40 mph. Tonight the passing bands started including intense thunderstorms. We just heard the storm is now hitting Haiti, 140 miles away, with 60 mph winds. Tomorrow should be the worst day for us here, depending on which way this storm goes. It's a holiday tomorrow, so traffic will be light. That's good, because the streets are already flooded too deep in places for small cars.

We'll try to find some decent ocean storm images to post. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys. But storm pics would be nice. All weather is good weather, some is just better than other.

Don said...

You should see the weather here in South Texas.

Wind has been from the North for 6 days.... not cold wind temp is in the 80's.......

You are from CC area and know what the North wind is like here

Don't like to fish when the wind is from the north either...

MrPat said...

Glad to see this storm will stay weak. Collect some water i your tanks for the dry season.

My wife and I will be visiting your island paradice next week. I'll keep my eye out for your landrover