Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ruminations and more images.

We often get asked questions by people who see these photos and think they would like to live like this. We welcome the questions, and tried to answer all of them on the boating forum where this blog actually got started. Basically, "Whats it like to pack up and move to a small, tropical island in a foreign country?"
Surprisingly, we have found out it's not for everybody. We know of several families who moved here, and lasted maybe six months. You have to be okay with heat, a minimal infrastructure by US standards, remoteness, bugs, and you have to be comfortable in a multi-racial environment. But if you are the type that loves a place like this, and can fit in, it's great. It means you are surrounded by people similar to yourself in that regard. Day to day, long term is different from a week in a resort. We think about where we would go on a vacation, and we would rather stay here. We are considering taking some cruising friends we met up on their offer to fly to meet them somewhere and spend a week or so on their 50 ft. St. Francis sailing catamaran. I think I would like to go back to New Zealand, maybe we will meet up with them there. They are circumnavigating the world. I met them on a sailing forum, surprisingly enough. And we got together when they came through here.

Model boats during the races on Middle Caicos, Valentines Day weekend.

Boys having fun with boats. Same as me, I guess.

The beach at Malcolm Roads, one of the more remote parts of Provo.  The buildings in the background are the new Amanyara Re$ort, if you know what I mean.

Another photo of the old Russian hydrofoil on Pine Cay.  I find myself fascinated by this boat, and am determined to find out more about it.  I am guessing there is more than enough for a blog post on this alone.  When I find out.  If I find out.

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