Sunday, July 22, 2007

The rest of the story....

There is so much more to this Goldberg story that Gringo conveniently omitted. That little boy coming up to us on Bamberra Beach, Middle Caicos solved a mystery that spanned several years.

The first time Gringo came to these islands, I was already on Pine Cay and I flew over to meet him in Provo and then we flew back to Pine Cay together. (It's a 6 minute air taxi ride each way). In the airport in Provo, several local men walked up and introduced themselves to Gringo and they'd shake hands. I already knew the local people here were wonderful but this was a bit more than I'd expected.

The second time Gringo came to these islands, he had a black eye and a big knot on his bald head. (I'll let him elaborate on that if he wants to!) Again, in the Provo airport waiting for the air taxi to Pine Cay numerous local men, this time, walked up and introduced themselves, shook hands and asked him how he was doing. I know Gringo is a special kinda guy - but this was a bit over the top. I told him that the locals must think he's Bruce Willis or someone famous. (Bruce Willis has a villa on Parrot Cay. It's available for rent: Just ask for the "Willis" villa - no kidding.)

Fast forward a couple of years to about six months after our move here. Some Bahamian friends came to visit and we did a day trip over to North Caicos. We boated over, rented a car (well, a close equivalent) and did a tour of the island. A lot of the staff on Pine Cay are from North (as it's called) and their families are there. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant owned by the brother of our bartender (Bang Bang) and so forth. Later, we were standing outside of a small shop having just purchased a cold beer. Cars were driving by and honking and waving. Friendly people on North! One car honked twice and waved and then turned around and came back.

Ah, it was Jimmy Lee, a young waiter from the Meridian Club and all around good kid. He said he'd recognized Gringo (bald-headed, white dude) from afar. I told Jimmy Lee that everyone was honking and waving and that I believed the locals think he's someone famous - like from the WWF or something. Jimmy Lee nodding and saying yes, the WWF is very popular here - I asked him who?? Who do they think he is? "The Chief", was his reply. Later back home, we check "The Chief" on the internet. No way, this is a Native American guy with long, black hair.

About six weeks later we took the trip to Middle Caicos to see the model sloop regatta. This is when the boy came up and asked Gringo if his name was Goldberg. Again, we went back and checked out Goldberg. And guess what?? White guy, bald head, gold earring and goatee - the mystery was solved! Later, on Pine Cay, we were relating this story to some of the staff and they nodded and even THEY had thought Gringo was a wrestler when they first met him!! Scrape, who I've known for years, told us that he had thought to himself - good for her, she got herself a wrestler!

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