Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More unconnected, miscellaneous photos

We see guys with fly rods wading and bonefishing in this area quite often (I've never tried it. We like big fish. Good tasting ones. Big enough to fillet without any bones. I hate biting into fish bones. I think its the crocs...turning me into a wimp...)

Some nice houses on those hilltops. Its not as flat as the Keys here. Its not volcanic, like the Caribbean south of here, but there are lots of places with over 100 ft. elevation.
We had a late lunch yesterday at a restaurant called Sharkbite at Turtle Cove yesterday. The marina is crowded with these nice, well equipped sport fish boats. Found out the Calcutta fishing tourny is on...$ 100,000 for a record Blue Marlin,  this sounds like we should start looking into offshore fishing a little closer.  

In case any of you are wondering what the menu is like at the Sharkbite, here t'is.

We "off-road" even when "on-road"

Past our new house site a few hundred yards there is a dead end, turnaround. The view from it is across a new marina slowly getting built, and a couple other houses on choice sites.

And a shot of the floating docks at Pine Cay in the off-season.  When we like it best.

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