Monday, September 8, 2008

(Y)ike! post addendum (boatyard damage)

Since posting the earlier photos of Provo after Hurricane Ike we have received a lot of emails from people presently off-island who have asked about their boats stored at the Caicos Marina and Boatyard. The marina is not answering their phone. This is because the power is out. Being boat-owners ourselves, we understand their concerns and so this afternoon we took a trip out there to check it out.

First, the Caicos Marina is not presently very easy to get to. I would not try it in a standard rental car:

The water was up to the top of the tires on the Land Rover.

And as for them not answering the phone, the lines are down all over the place.

There were marina personnel running the travel lift moving boats back onto their stands, but the office was closed.

From what we could see walking around, the majority of the damage to the boats there was from them getting blown off the jacks and stands. I took photos of the most obvious displaced boats. So if you do NOT see your boat here, chances are that it did not catch our attention as potentially damaged. are the ones we did notice:

Now in that one, the mast of the monohull damaged the catamaran. Here is another photo from the other side:

The large central storage shed where they store boats on racks pretty much blew apart. There is corrugated sheet metal all over the yard, but most of it is concentrated to the south side of the shed. If you have your boat stored next to the shed or to the south of it, there is a chance you have some damage from flying metal.

This trimarans mast fell across the boat next to it, but as near as I can tell the damage to that boat was basically a destroyed bimini and some scuff marks:

Looking at the south side of the storage shed:

This is how hard that metal was flying, as evidenced by it wrapping itself around the bottom of the Meridian Club's Parker:

This is looking at the shed from the north. Notice there is not any flying metal damage on this side:

After we left the boatyard we stopped by the South Side marina to have a look. Most of the boats there looked okay to us. Two trimarans are on the beach.

The other boats there seemed to be safe.

So, if you don't see your boat in one of these photos, it's most likely okay.

If anyone has any specific questions, email us here at the blog and if we can help, we will.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the pics Gringos. Such a relief - it looks like our boat did ok.

Our deepest sympathies go out to anyone who sees their boat with any damage.

Anonymous said...

Hey there again,

wow, you guys are amazing, nice work on the quick recon of the boat yard. Wondering if you can recall seeing a Bayfield 40 called Maja? THe hull has a mural of fish and mermaids painted on it. It was on the hard and strapped down, didn't see it in the pics, so hopefully it's all good, but just figured I would ask. Anyway, we are coming down in a week or so, so we will see it one way or the other! Thanks again, glad to see you guys are all right,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the very timely info and photos. I have lived on a barrier island in FL and gone through many hurricanes over the past five years. Not knowing what has happened is the worst thing that an out of town owner can feel. We were all pulling for you over the past week and I love the blog. Please keep it up!

Deb and Jay said...

Glad to see you came through it ok. Sorry to hear about the boat, but all in all it could have been a whole lot worse. We have been fortunate here all of the worst storms missed to the north or work up to speed when they passed here. Hope you get the house cleaned up soon. As for the boat there are a bunch for sale in Florida :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are safe! Please keep us posted on those that stayed on Salt Cay! I'm particularly interested to hear that Rich the Dive Instructor over there made it through ok. Had him on the phone until 1:30am and the storm sounded horrific with the house falling down around him! Pretty scary - lost comms since then... Would be great to hear how he is doing... Thanks

La Gringa said...


I tried to get confirmation of Rich specifically but could not. However, I did learn that there were 66 people on Salt Cay during the storm and all are accounted for.

So far they are reporting no fatalities anywhere in the TCI as a result of Ike. Good news and downright miraculous!!

jschieff said...

Glad to hear your house fared pretty well. Sad to see how many boats were tossed around by the hurricanes.

I was interested to see how many boats in the shipyard photos looked pretty woebegone before any damage from the storms. I wonder if there there are a number of forlorn boats in the T&C that have been essentially abandoned by owners to slowly decay in the tropics?

If you have had such trouble finding competent workmen to build your house, how likely is it that boat owners with significant damage to their yachts will be able to have them repaired in the Turks & Caicos?

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to have survived 2 storms in such a short time and with no loss of life. You will get the boat or another, up and out there on the water soon enough and the house back together stronger and better than before. Thanks so much for the reports, especially the short- we are OK one - you had a lot of people sending good energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Well just so you know Salt Cay got hit pretty badly and there are some pictures circulating of the terrible damage they sustained. Thankfully no loss of human life which we should be thankful for. But it is going to take some considerable time for things to get anywhere near normal they have been told on Salt Cay that power will be around 4 months away?? Imagine how much pain that is going to cause...we wish everyone there well

Anonymous said...

Did you see the aerials Jim and Sharon took from their Cessna?

wendibourne said...

Where can I find these pictures of Salt Cay? I'm supposed to visit there the first week in Nov. and am heartbroken to think that those people I've been talking to and was looking so forward to meeting are having such a hard time. So relieved that they're not hurt though! Heartbroken also that Nov. may be too soon to visit as a tourist. Boo Hoo. Maybe they'll have to come & vist ME on Middle Caicos! Any info you have about the condition of Salt Cay would be greatly appreciated.

La Gringa said...

The photos from Salt Cay taken by Jim & Sharon Shafer can be viewed at:

Abe said...

That boat with the inscription "God is in this boat" was actually used for the movie "Turks & Caicos" (2014)!
It appears at the very end of the movie.