Sunday, January 6, 2008

A new dawn

We called it an evening fairly early last night, La Gringa because of her back, and me because I spent yesterday afternoon playing in the dirt with other chubby old men putting a boat on a trailer. So we were up earlier than usual this morning. To support our new program to get La Gringa out of the house before she boils over from boredom, we decided to run out to the house site to see what a dawn looks like from the new place. The dawn was pretty average, no spectacular cloud formations:

This was the first time we had been there at dawn, in the two and a half years since we first found this little hilltop was for sale. The dive boat, Turks and Caicos Adventures (I believe, it was too dark to read) was clearing out of the boatyard at dawn:

When that Captain says he is pulling out at first light...he means it.

Of course I had to try again for a good shot with part of the house in it...I always seem drawn to this. I guess it's all the arches make for some perspective, or something:

Of course it won't look like such a war zone once the site is cleaned up and landscaped a little. Just look at the water, ignore the construction debris.

And of course I seem to take one shot from this angle just about every time I walk by it. I must like something about it:

That's a good thing, because this is one of the views we are hoping to have for some years to come. We are thinking maybe wrought iron gate for that end...

I also think we are not going to get much accomplished today. I had planned to do some wiring work on the boat, but maybe we will just kick back and do a lazy winter Sunday afternoon.


Some Audio Guy said...

Incredible shots!
The top one looks like a postcard...

I don't think I'd get any work done either.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the photos. I am still learning how to use this new little pocket Olympus camera, but sometimes it works okay.

We are chomping at the bit to get moved in, of course. Should be a matter of just a few weeks now.

Anonymous said...

wow! i'll be back.