Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kitchen View Finally Revealed!!

I know people are probably tired of seeing photos of the new house. And eventually we will be settled in and be taking photos from the house instead of taking photos of the house. But please understand it's a pretty big deal to us still. Been a long time in the works.

Yesterday we stopped by and found that the builder has removed the three 20 foot containers that have been on the site since the beginning. For the first time, we are able to see what the views from windows in the front of the house will be. This is what we will see standing at the front door when it's open:

Still needs a lot of landscaping, but it's going to be all right. Eventually.

And this is one of the places I was thinking of putting a web cam, either here but just outside the kitchen window,

or outside La Gringa's office window. The views are pretty much the same, but we had not seen them with those containers in the view.

This will be an excellent place for a video feed, though, for people who want to tap into a link on this blog and see what the sunset is like. There will be people bonefishing there, kite boarders on the far cove, and people on the road in addition to the sunsets. I think it might work.

Standing out on the far corner on the top of the garage, the front of the house looks totally different. You can see where the containers were sitting, right in front of the front door:

although I think the term "front door" might be a little misleading on this particular house.

Now we have a little engineering challenge, the driveway has to swoop down from where the right hand corner of that patch of crushed rock is in the photo above, down to meet up with the left corner of the garage:

The drop on the other side of the garage, from the 10 foot drive-through door, is even bigger. We are thininking of bringing in some boulders to act as a retaining wall, and to soften up the stark silhouette and blend more into the hillside.

Joseph was finishing up the glass blocks for the outside shower yesterday:

Actually we found out his name is Jean-Louis Joseph, but everybody calls him Joseph. We have found that very few people here seem to use their original given names. And we hear a lot of names that are totally new to us, as well. Names we have never heard before. It's pretty diversive down here.

There's another landing to be poured under that utility room door. And I have to install a "doggie door" in the bottom of it. Big enough to allow a panicked Jack Russell Terrier with a big mouth to dive inside to safety, and yet small enough to keep a pack of irate four-legged plaintiffs out.

One of our new neighbors-to-be stopped by to chat with La Gringa, and I took the customary pergola photo while watching a squall approach from 20 miles away across the Caicos Bank:

We found out that our neighbor, Bob, was a professional guitarist for country and blues bands for many years. I guess I better get to practicing on this new fiddle La Gringa gave me for Christmas.

Today I hope to get some wiring work done on the boat, so should have some decent marina photos to post later.


LeoinSA said...

No. No. No. You're wrong once again.

Not being able to speak for all blog visitors is an impediment, but I for one do not, have not and (most probably) will not get tired of seeing pictures of the house and the views from it.

Here's the deal you really need to 'get' in a visceral way...

We are living your life through your delightful prose and the camera's glass eye. What little or what lots you want to share is just fine by me - and I hope the other net-denizens that linger here from time to time.



Anonymous said...


Matt Cook said...

I agree with Leo's opinion. Keep the pictures of the house coming. Also, thanks for the photos from other views of the house. We're now being able to "picture" what the house looks like from more angles. -Especially over the garage, that was a neat view looking back at the house. A tiki bar would go great up there (I think that's where you were talking of putting the driftwood "work" -But I could be wrong). Good luck with the driveway dilema. We love what you're doing and thankyou very very much for taking the time to share things with us. Also hope the back feels better La Gringa.

-Matt in Alabama

Anonymous said...

As the others have said, I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing and hearing about this beautiful house. Keep it coming!

Also were you planning a webcam that would show stills once a minute or so, or actual video? If you have the bandwidth for maybe a 15fps video webcam then try out I pretty sure they offer free live video streaming.

Can't wait to see this new webcam in action, keep the great posts coming Gringos! hehe.