Thursday, July 5, 2007

Still rambling, more mixed photos.

The day charter Atabeyra and other boats seen from a comfy chair in the shade, on the patio, at the bar in Leeward Marina, Providenciales.

Just another of many  unremarkable sunsets, Pine Cay.

Beach at Pine Cay. And the curly headed kid is La Gringa's youngest.  Big changes from  the life he knew in New Jersey.

We had my 12 year old stepson with us when we moved down from NJ. He spent one year here, and it basically turned him around academically. This is the British school system, a lot stricter than US. School uniforms, etc. By uniforms, in his case it was blue shorts, white polo shirt, etc. Not a formal uniform. Just everyone wears the same colors. He had to stop using a lot of slang, speak to the teachers with respect. He couldn't get away with a lot of the crap they put up with in NJ. He went to school with Brits, Canadians, Australians, and of course locals. He got a real multi-cultural experience, and it changed him. For the better. I don't know how old your kids are, but do a web search for the Ashcroft School if they are younger than 8th grade, and British West Indies Collegiate if they are High school level. Having him with us was one of the main reasons we bought here instead of in the Bahamas. We are very glad that we did. He's a better student, and a much more rounded and tolerant person as a result. I think that's a good thing in life. He went to school this past year in Miami, and he totally aced everything.

These are people leaving on a boat from Leeward Marina on Provo to attend a funeral on the island of North Caicos, (more about this later). After seeing this photo I posted without any explanation at all, La Gringa told me I should write more captions. This photo was taken during a very emotionally charged day, and she felt I should say that. So I did, later in the forum thread. And the responses to the words added to the photos eventually led to us trying to establish this blog.
My impression of it was the contrast between the blue sky and water, the white fiberglass hulls of the boats, and all the black people in black suits.

Wreck off of Water Cay. We found out its story, later. It was a barge a family was bringing down from Miami. They made it this far, before it finally sank. That must have been a story. Seven hundred miles they managed to survive, only to sink five miles from home.

Fuel dock, Leeward-Going-Through. Its no longer there, but that story comes later.

Another abandoned boat on the canals of Providenciales.  While undoubtedly a beauty in her day, this wooden hull is just a storm away from being history.   It's the kiss of death to neglect a boat here, even for a short time.   Fiberglass does a lot better than either wood or steel, but they all succumb to the environment and weather here given half a chance.

La Gringa, the funny little dog, and I playing with our aerial camera setup on the beach at Pine Cay. The round shadow is the balloon. The water speaks for itself.

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