Sunday, July 1, 2007

Christmas and Other Stuff

Forums members asked us what we did at Christmas, whether we went back up north to the land of the ice and snow. Well, through two Christmas seasons, we haven't yet left the islands.. Some of our boys actually preferred to leave the ice and snow and visit us here for the holidays. Go figure.

Well, with kids, you gotta have a tree.  We decided to try something new.

Not having groves of traditionally shaped evergreens to cut down, we loaded up in the new Whaler and went for a ride.   We put the holiday visitors ashore and told them to pick a tree. Use their imagination..

Our Dooley authorized Xmas stump on board...(Christmas week...brrrrrrr)  Sorry for the foggy lens.  I've been having a lot of trouble with condensation in the sealed cameras when they get left in the sun.  They do fine underwater, but fog up at the first opportunity once the cooling effect of the ocean is taken away.

We managed to scrounge up some shells and decorations...they were just more or less lying around on the seafloor waiting to be scooped up.

We took a trip to the undeveloped end of Providenciales, which is a four wheel drive trip to the  Malcolm Beach area, Provo: (4x4's R Us - this falls under "Other Stuff")  There will be more on this later in the program.

Late afternoon at the Meridian Club, Pine Cay.

And me building a deck in the hot, miserable, tropic sun. Even during the Christmas season. Its not all fun and games, you know. hurry, sundown.

Y'all getting tired of this stuff yet?

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