Saturday, June 30, 2007

A total lack of organization.

At this point we were still posting random images on the boating forum.   There was no real effort to tell any stories, or maintain any kind of continuity.  I was just thumbing through two years of photos and grabbing shots that I thought looked representative of life in the islands.  Things that people seemed to be interested in.  The beach  and water views got a lot of comments in the forums, prior to us starting this blog.  Things like these:


A view of the beach on Water Cay. Notice there are no other people on the beach. The only footprints are our own.  This beach is almost always just like this.  We like it.


The remains of a wrecked Haitian sloop slowly falling apart on a beach on the south side of Provo.

The stone cat, again. Silently watching over water where pirates once roamed.

A forum reader told me that the Herriots were Bermudans who came to these islands and built a family empire raking and selling salt 1844, and slave labor was very much in vogue.

An old Russian built hydrofoil. Later, after La Gringa convinced me to start adding captions to the photos, I looked into these and posted more photos.

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