Monday, February 16, 2015

Board Silly

This idea of putting out a new post every Monday has us scratching our heads and keeping our eyes open for photos and ideas here.  We hadn't done many time lapse videos lately, and La Gringa thought that a sunrise over the ocean in motion might be a welcome change from the standard sunrise photo. If you click your way through to find the little box that takes these to full screen it makes it easier to watch.  There's a  cold layer of air from the north overflowing the moist air to the south.   Nice cloud action.  Oh, and the sunrise is okay, too.  

Sorry about the full volume, apparently it's either full blast or no sound. You  Tube is getting more difficult to deal with.  Sometimes I think software developers make needless changes just so they have something to work on and look busy.  Did you spot Dooley the Devious in the last frame?  As soon as he saw me messing with the camera, he was out in front of it.  Little scene stealer.

We've been putting a bit more time into the stand-up paddleboards lately.   We bought these Naish  Nalu paddleboards third hand from friends here on the island last year.   These boards started island life as equipment rentals with the local eco-tourism company Big Blue Unlimited.  So they came with some bruises and dings pre-loaded.  We're okay with that, because we knew we were going to be putting a few dings in them during our own learning curves.  

The above photo was one taken by Jacob.  I could tell instantly by looking at it that it was not one of my photos.  Know how I can be so sure?  Easy.   

The paddle is lying across the board and the photographer was holding the camera while standing straight up and looking downward.  Everything  is stable and smooth, meaning that there are no tell tale ripples radiating out from the board indicating shaking and displacement.  If I tried that, the photo would not be of two feet standing easily on a stable board.  If I tried that, the photo would be from inside a huge splash.

We just looked at this morning's weather forecast for the north eastern USA.  I think I'd better just move on to the tropical photos.  Quickly.  Boston is getting another foot of snow on top of the six already there.  

I only put this photo in because I thought it looked funny.   I'd been having issues with my fingers since I started trying to play the violin, but I hadn't realized  just how much effect it had on me until I saw this.

You know I'm kidding, right?   I probably should clarify this.  That weird hand was NOT caused by playing the fiddle.  So don't let that discourage you from trying, if you're bent in that direction.     Besides, lately we've been concentrating on  ukulele and mandolin.   It seems to be making our earlobes and fingernails grow, though.....

And what I really wanted to show you, anyhow, is not my deformed digit image but the reflection in the glass.  I stuck a Go-Pro camera on top of my head.  I had to staple a Dooley-Cam mount to my skull to do it, metaphorically.  It looked and felt way too far up into the silly zone for my comfort.  This is why I am only showing you the distorted reflection.  And even that doesn't do it the proper injustice it deserves on the ridiculous appearances list.

And right about here is where I learned another of those little life lessons you pick up unexpectedly along the way.  This one is about throwing a surfboard on top of one's head, while one is wearing a hard little camera case on said head.   IF this photo had its own audio, it would say "ouch" with exclamation marks. Followed by several short syllables with hard consonants that shall remain nameless for the purposes of this PG rated blog.

This one probably says it better, in silly silhouette.  It looks like Mr. T hijacked the SUP, but no, that's just what I look like with a camera on my head.  A camera that was well seated by a 30 pound surfboard.  And now it's almost time to move on from this subject.   I did notice one little thing looking at these photos.  I wasn't on my usual board.  

This next one is a photo of my board taken on a different day.  It's the one with the most dings in it.  A 'ding' is just a slang term for impact damage, by the way.   An old term from my youth.  That's redundant, isn't it.   I've gotta stop beating myself up like this.

Especially when there are so many other great ways to beat myself up. 

And while on the subject of old bored dings, that big white spot under the logo on my board is one that I inflicted upon the SUP and myself.  That patch is a repair over a nasty little gouge  caused by a digital camera in the front pocket of my bathing suit.  I will leave it to your imagination as to how a camera in my pocket hit that spot on a surfboard hard enough to knock a hole in it.  It also damaged the camera.  And me.  I had this great rectangular  camera-shaped bruise for quite a while.   That camera is gone now.  So is the bruise.  I patched the board.

Jacob also carried a camera on this jaunt and this is the only photo of how silly I look that I am going to show you  in this particular post.  I don't know why this makes me think of a coal miner fleeing the island...

 This is all on the south side of the island of Providenciales, by the way.  In case you were wondering.  On the Caicos Bank, facing the Caribbean to the south.  Looking at these photos, I can now see why I had this strange looking sunburn pattern on my bald head that afternoon.

We had decided to paddle out and around the closest of the Little Five Cays area. If you've read much of the older posts on this blog you will have already seen a lot of images of these little islands.   This is pretty much our local neighborhood. Not a bad playground, if you like warm tropical water and small desert islands.

The name of that first little island ahead of us is Bristol Cay, according to the Wavey Line chart for Providenciales.    We like the Wavey Line charts from a local boating perspective. This is based upon a lot of experience.  We've  seen a number of boaters come to grief down here by trying to use one of the various GPS manufacturers charts with their 'Bahamas also'  chips for navigation.   Oh, they have lots of data on them. But in some places, perhaps not enough, and the positions seem off.  We've used both Garmin and Furuno nav chips for the area, and now we use a combination of Wavey Line and Explorer charts.    

Here's a Google Earth image of the area where these photos were taken, with an approximated  guess of what our path should have looked like.  That's about a 2.5 km loop.  Theoretically.  

A true track of our path would be quite different, including getting blown downwind on each leg.    It was full of zigs and zags and splashes that just don't show up well on a dotted line.

We climbed up onto Bristol Cay, but we didn't have shoes with us and this little cay is all ironshore and a bit rough on even my feet.  Here's an image looking back at Bristol Hill from Bristol Cay.

I had the camera set up to record an image every ten seconds for the duration of the trip.   Since they're all photos from my head's perspective, they are all over the place in terms of stability.  Yes, I do realize the implications of that sentence.

La Gringa strung all the ten second still images into a short video.  Or a real fast slide show, if you prefer.    That's all a video is anyway, but you knew that.

So, here in a nutshell is our trip out around Bristol Cay and back.  I can easily spot the places were I sat on the board to paddle, and where I fell off.    

I confess that I wasn't thinking of a video when we were out beating ourselves up on that trip. We'd put the GoPro head mount thingy away in a bag with the dozens of other cool looking GoProp plastic parts that they supply with those cameras.  Now that we know that the human  skull and neck can be used as a camera platform, some possiblilities arise.   We also found a suction cup camera mount in that bag of goodies.  That immediately brings the surface of the SUP to mind.  So you can probably also expect some more strange photos in the not too distant future.

I hope you noticed that I managed to do an entire post without a single boat DIY or even a South Side Marina photo in it, for a change.    We are getting close to the point where there are going to be more and more photos taken from the sailboat.  She's approaching the point in this refurbishment where she's habitable again.    And please tell us what you think of the videos.  Do you prefer more videos, or do you like the still shots?   All constructive comments and suggestions are welcome.

well... maybe just one South Side Marina photo.   Since this is where we've been watching a lot of them lately.


jschieff said...

Can't wait to hear more about Twisted Sheets. Exciting to hear refurbishment is mostly done.

Did you have even the slghtest idea how bad the boat was when you bought it? Was the surveyor blind/drunk/inexperienced? Astonishing how prior owners made repairs/upgrades so incredibly badly.

I like the photos over videos. Photos show a wide range of views/times/subjects.

Gringo said...

Refurbishment is done to the extent that we'd take it anywhere in the region and could live aboard for extended trips now. All the major systems work with bare bones instrumentation.
And we have one newly finished cabin. Feels luxurious to us. Needs curtains.

We had no clue how bad it was when we bought it. I'd love to discuss that, but this is probably not a good place to do it. Lets just say we learned a lot.

This past decade feels like it's been a cosmic stress test sometimes, but we've also learned what a sense of humor it all has.

Charlie Jones said...

Thank you for more frequent posts. Thoroughly enjoying the reading and the pics.

Charlie Jones said...

Thank you for the recent posts! Thoroughly enjoying the reading and the pics.

Bill said...

Enjoying the weekly posts and warm tropical photos. I live in the FL Keys and the windchill is in the 30s here today! I enjoy the videos, and the reggae soundtrack on the second one. Was that Mishka?

Gringo said...

We feel your pain. It was 72 deg. F here this morning and we are feeling just about frozen. Expecting 30 kt. winds this weekend. And yes that's Mishka's music on the video, we're both fans.

Unknown said...

Hi Gringo,

Love the photos of TCI on your blog! I like to post photos of the TCI on my Google+ and Facebook pages and was wondering if you would be OK if I shared some of your TCI photos on my pages with Photo credit to: ?

Phil (Grace Bay Cottages)

Gringo said...

Hello Phil,
Thank you for the nice comment. And yes, please feel free to post the photos on your pages, assuming it's not for commercial use. And if you DO come up with a way to make some money with them, we're on board with that too!

Please correct the photo credit info, though. It's instead of .ca.

Anonymous said...

Awesome...thanks so much Gringo! ...and keep up the great work on the blog! I will use the correct link ... Phil

Patricia said...

Even if all you do is post photos on a Monday in case you run out of words (like that's going to happen) we would be happy for that!

Gringo said...

ME run out of words? As you so plainly have seen, I never seem to have a problem stumbling and drooling all over a keyboard. The words are the easy part. We're finding out that this weekly schedule is actually working out well for some strange and unanticipated reason. I never would have thought I'd do well with deadlines, but it makes it easy. We just clean the camera out on Mondays and try to describe it all. SImple.